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Office of Organizational Effectiveness & Strategic Initiatives 2025 Completion Agenda

Completion Delivery Unit

Chancellor John Morgan created the TBR Completion Delivery Unit (CDU), a cross-functional team within the system office, to serve as a dedicated resource to system and campus leadership on the completion effort.  The CDU's mission is to ensure rigor, continuity, and open communication about progress so that the completion work stays on track.  The team does this through:

  • Assisting the development of implementation plans for strategies that have the potential to impact significant numbers of students,
  • Honest (and timely) assessments of progress and barriers to success,
  • Realistic analysis and forecasting of data, and
  • Problem-solving, as appropriate.

The CDU also provides targeted support to institutions as they identify, implement, and monitor the impact of priority strategies with a particular emphasis on improving the success of low-income and underrepresented minority students.

The Completion Delivery Unit partners with the Educational Delivery Institute, a non-profit organization that focuses on implementing large-scale system change in public education.

The members of the Completion Delivery Unit are:

  • Wendy Thompson, Vice Chancellor- OESI
  • Kenyatta Lovett, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Community College Initiatives- Office of Community Colleges
  • Deanna Morris-Stacey, Coordinator- OESI
  • Bobbie Porter, Diversity and Equity Initiatives Director- OESI
  • Randy Schulte, Assistant Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs
  • Chris Tingle, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Assessment- Research and Assessment