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Office of Organizational Effectiveness & Strategic Initiatives 2025 Completion Agenda

TBR 2025 Completion Agenda

The Tennessee Board of Regents institutions have a significant role in helping the State achieve the goals of the Complete College Tennessee Act of 2010 and the Drive to 55. The State’s goal to increase college attainment levels is ambitious; it will require a great deal of time, energy, and focused collaboration to achieve. Although each sector of higher education in the state (public, private, and for-profit) is expected to contribute, the reality is that TBR institutions will be responsible for contributing more to that goal than any other sector. 

Armed with this knowledge, TBR embarked on a process to determine its overall contribution and the specific contributions needed from each of its sectors – TCATs, community colleges, and universities – to reach that goal. 

The Tennessee Board of Regents' Completion Goal is to award 43,202 post-secondary credentials in 2025, including bachelor, associate, community college certificates, and TCAT certificates and diplomas. This goal represents a 57% increase in credential production from 2008-2009.

Accepting this challenge and putting a laser like focus on student access and success is the fundamental basis of the TBR Completion Agenda.